Affordable dental bridges in Sydney

If you’ve lost teeth due to trauma or decay, then dental bridges are ideal for replacing them. Available from our team at Drummoyne Laser Dental, bridges are ideal for patients who’d rather not undergo invasive treatments such as dental implants. Dental bridges will restore your smile so you can get on with your life.

What it involves

If you decide to get a bridge, this will involve fitting false teeth in the gap where your natural teeth should be, with the bridge secured on either side by crowns. The entire procedure usually takes between two to three appointments to complete, and your dentist will explain the process fully before beginning any treatment.

A bridge is a positive solution for the long-term. It’ll protect you from the cycle of problems that occur when a tooth is missing, including shifting and drifting of remaining teeth, decay, and periodontal bone loss. 

Once a missing tooth is replaced, you’ll also be able to eat and speak as you did before, so just chat to our friendly team today if you’d like more information about getting a bridge.

Dental Crowns

Replace missing teeth with dental bridges

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