Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Sydney

Here at Drummoyne Laser Dental, we offer Sydney the very latest in laser dentistry treatment - a highly effective way to deliver dental services with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Laser treatment is a great choice for those put off by the dentist’s drill. The laser itself doesn’t actually need to come into contact with the teeth to be effective, which makes it much less invasive. It’s also significantly quieter than a drill and results in no pressure or vibration on the teeth while it’s being administered.

At Drummoyne Laser Dental, we also recommend laser treatment due to its ability to kill all bacteria in cavities, leaving a completely sterile surface for the dentist to work on. If you’re getting white (tooth-coloured) fillings, having laser treatment beforehand will create a better bonding surface and will reduce the chance of decay returning.

Our laser treatment options:

Kavo Diagnodent Laser Pen: For early detection of decay.

The Kavo Diagnodent Laser Pen can detect cavities long before any other means of inspection, including X-rays. This innovative technology enables our dentists to treat cavities in their smallest form, meaning our patients retain more of their original tooth structure, and their teeth remain stronger for it.

HoyaConbio Versa Wave Hard and Soft Tissue Laser:  An alternative to the traditional drill.

For ensuring minimal loss of tooth structure during minor cavity treatment, the HoyaConbio Versa Wave Hard and Soft Tissue Laser (as seen on Channel 9 news) is ideal. While traditional dentist drills remove too much tooth structure, significantly weakening the tooth, laser treatment cleans cavities with almost no impact on the surrounding areas.

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